Another day learning VIM

I have been learning VIM for a little while now (about 2 months) but I have started to get serious about it.

For the most part I really like VIM but one thing has really slowed me down. One trick I have always done is cut a word from one place and paste it over top of another. This deletes the 2nd word. But in VIM this didn’t work like it does in windows programs. I finally figured out why. In unix if you highlight something it also copies it to your clipboard.  I have VIM set to use unix keyboard layout even though I am in windows. IE “behave mswin” is off.  It seems you’d have to be crazy to use “behave mswin” as most help on the web assumes unix style. (well probably mac style I bet.)

These are the setting that make me happy. If you select some text it is like you went in to visual mode (not the wacky select mode).

  • ” use the * clipboard IE the OS one
  • set clipboard=unnamed
  • ” use mouse in all modes
  • set mouse=a
  • ” don’t auto clipboard select text like a unix shell
  • set guioptions-=a
  • ” don’t use select mode use visual mode when you select with mouse.
  • set selectmode=


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