Lots of things to learn

I do a lot to learn. I was trying very hard to figure out why I can’t goto swardle.com and it doesn’t just redirect me to www.swardle.com/blog.

I tried:

  1. .htaccessto do a redirect.
  2. Create a default.html or index.html so I could at least have a link to my blog.

It turns out .htaccess was correct I just had to flush my web browsers cache.

I have setup lots of toys and spent most of the day on it. Wikis and blogs and joomla oh my.

  1. http://www.swardle.com/blog/
  2. http://www.swardle.com/joomla/
  3. http://www.swardle.com/wikkawiki/
  4. http://www.swardle.com/dokuwiki/
  5. http://www.swardle.com/mediawiki/





Starting a website

Today I created a website. Welcome to the 1990s! Mind you with the new tools it is much easier than it was when I was going to school.

Setting up a web site is pretty easy.

  1. Registers a domain name (www.godaddy.com in my case)
  2. Found a hosting service (I used www.bluehost.com)
  3. Start playing with the host configuration (blue host uses cPanel)