I’m a Vancouver based Software Engineer

Software Engineer at EA, dyslexic, visualization, metrics, Japanophile

I am Scott Wardle, I have been in games over 20 years, mostly at EA Vancouver. I like to solve hard problems. I am known for Systems Programming, C++ and turning my problems into solutions that everyone can use.

I started in games at Radical Entertainment, writing games for Super Nintendo in 65816 ASM but soon changed to C++ on mostly on Sega Saturn. I worked on Independence Day, ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder, Speed Racer.

After digging though hardware manuals on the Sega Saturn for years, and being jealous of my co-worker working on beautifully high-level PS1 (PlayStation 1) I moved to Japan and started at EA Square. I wanted to be one of the first people to work on PS2 (PlayStation 2) maybe it would be just as easy as PS1. PS2 was fun but not very high level... and so I continued my work on low level hardware. I had a great time in Tokyo and learned conversational Japanese though I am a bit slow reading and writing (in English or Japanese as I am dyslexic ha!).

I came back to Canada to finish by bachelor degree of technology at BCIT and transferred to EA Vancouver where I have worked since 2000. I worked on a few libraries for EA but mostly I am known for my systems work on FIFA.

Some of the roles I have had on FIFA: - Technical Director of Total Football - Systems Lead of FIFA's Gameplay - Systems Lead of the port to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - Systems Lead switching to Frostbite

Currently I am the Systems Lead of the port Nintendo Switch, and I have been trying to keep up with my wife's web coding as she learn to become a web developer.